Balancing Act

Lately I’ve been watching some fellow authors turn out huge status updates on their work in short amounts of time. One author in particular knocks out roughly 5% per day on a 250k word novel he is working on, I should note 5% is quality writing not just throwing words on a page. Though I feel a little guilty, I can’t help be a little jealous.

At my current rate, I’m turning out roughly 1% per day of my 50K book of short stories. Granted on top of my writing I do work on my indie reviews each day, but I still feel like I fall short of an “average” pace.

As many “young” authors do, I have a family, a wonderful wife and child, and a full-time civilian job that takes up 9-11 hours of my Monday-Friday. Still I find myself choosing between those glorious 5 hours of sleep per night, or getting that elusive extra thousand words I so desperately covet.

I would really like some advice from some of you that have gone through, or are going through it. Comments are fine, but if you would rather feel free to email me,

About ztyoauthor

Z. Tyo is an American author from the Ohio Valley. He is currently working on a book of short stories utilizing his unique style of happy endings wrapped in tragedy.
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