Redemption by Andrew Joyce

Redemption 800 Cover reveal and Promotional



It’s nothing new for a writer to take a classic story and put his or her own spin on it. Sometimes the stories are as simple as a different telling of the same story, and then others you find yourself reading something completely new.

The latter is the case when it comes to Redemption by Andrew Joyce. By taking Mark Twain’s classic characters and twisting them from the happy, naive, and relatively innocent boys into broken adults you get a story that has a sense of familiarity but in reality is something all together new.

Until 5-12-14 you can pick up Redemption for the great price of $0.99 here.

About ztyoauthor

Z. Tyo is an American author from the Ohio Valley. He is currently working on a book of short stories utilizing his unique style of happy endings wrapped in tragedy.
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