Throughout our writing processes we all have milestones that refuel our drive. Whether it be deciding on an idea during our work’s infancy stages, hitting a certain completion percentage, successful beta reads, or in my case deciding on my title.

If you read my last post then you know I was having difficulty with that last one. It even reached the point where my writing pace took a blow.

Thankfully my wife sat down with me and went over some ideas with me. Being that my book is a collection of short stories and flash fiction it was all about finding the connection. Each story follows a central character, though in each one he/she is portrayed in a different way, so it made sense to find a connection with each story.

Using that little bit of sense we were able to decide on a title. Keep an eye out for “The Reaper’s Opus” coming out early June 2014.

About ztyoauthor

Z. Tyo is an American author from the Ohio Valley. He is currently working on a book of short stories utilizing his unique style of happy endings wrapped in tragedy.
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